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Subscribe instructions:
Qiwi Terminal 1
Go to the nearest QIWI Terminal
Qiwi Terminal 2
Select “Other services" > "Educational services” > select our service from the list
Qiwi Terminal 3
Enter your login/email and proceed
Qiwi Terminal 4
Go to your profile page on, select "Pay using your balance" and click “Pay”
Detailed instructions for using the QIWI terminal:
Qiwi Terminal instruction 1
1. Choose QIWI terminal close to the house. Enter the PAYMENT OF SERVICES section.
Qiwi Terminal instruction 2
Qiwi Terminal instruction 3
Qiwi Terminal instruction 4
4. Press the button.
Qiwi Terminal instruction 5
5. Enter your login / email registered on
Qiwi Terminal instruction 6
6. Carefully verify the address is correct, press the button.
Qiwi Terminal instruction 7
7. Data verification begins.
Qiwi Terminal instruction 8
8. Follow the voice instructions and insert payment amount in cash in the banknote slot.
Qiwi Terminal instruction 9
9. Press the PAY button. Receive the receipt and save it before verifying the receipt of funds on your personal account.
Qiwi Terminal instruction 10
10. Terminal will bring you to the service page ( Choose the payment term and the payment method as PAY FROM FACE ACCOUNT. Make sure the amount has arrived on your personal account and press the button PAY USING THE CURRENT BALANCE.
Subscribe instructions:
Qiwi Wallet instruction 1
- Go to;
- Login into QIWI Wallet.
Qiwi Wallet instruction 2
- Enter «BilimLand» into the search bar and open it.
Qiwi Wallet instruction 3
- Enter your BilimLand login and amount you would like to pay;
- Click «Pay».
Qiwi Wallet instruction 4
- Return to;
- Go to Subscribe page;
- Select subscription term;
- Click «Pay Using Your Balance»;
- Click «Subscribe».
Subscribe instructions
Kassa24 1
Go to the nearest Kassa24 Terminal
Kassa24 2
Select "Educational services” > select our service from the list
Kassa24 3
Enter your login/email and proceed
Kassa24 4
Go to your profile page on, select "Pay using your balance" and click “Pay”
Detailed instructions for using the Cashier terminal 24:
Kassa24 instruction 1
Kassa24 instruction 2
2. Choose the BMG SERVICE.
Kassa24 instruction 3
3. Choose BilimLand.
Kassa24 instruction 4
4. Enter your login and press the CONTINUE button.
Kassa24 instruction 5
5. Wait until the system checks your login.
Kassa24 instruction 6
6. After successful verification enter the necessary amount.
Kassa24 instruction 7
7. After successful payment you will receive a confirmation message.
Subscribe instructions:
Epay 1
Select the type of subscription
Epay 2
The system will redirect you to the Epay KazKom
Epay 3
Enter details for payment
Epay 4
Get a subscription and payment notification by Email

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