About us


Welcome to the BILIM LAND educational ecosystem!

BILIM (in Kazakh language means "knowledge") is not only the key concept that gives meaning to our work – it is the main value that gives meaning to our lives. "There is no greater wealth than wisdom, and no greater poverty than ignorance" – this saying must be thousands of years old. But nowadays it is more relevant than ever before. We live in an era where success of each individual, as well as well-being of a community depends entirely on the quality of knowledge.

That's why we created BILIMLAND, our "country of knowledge", an educational ecosystem, which since 2011 has been developing various online learning platforms for children of all ages within pre-school, school and supplementary education. The basis of this ecosystem is a library of digital lessons in the format of fascinating videos and learning materials, simulators and trainings, as well as different in complexity interactive tasks.
The quality of content is of the utmost importance to us, so we've assembled a team of professionals of their craft who share the knowledge value and belief in the technology power. These professionals include experienced teachers and methodologists who are well-versed with the modern education realities, as well as talented animators, designers, editors, and programmers which passionate hobby has become a labor of love. In addition, we always keep up with the times, so it is important for us to use the latest technology to create and share knowledge. Professionalism and modern technology are the perfect tandem to ensure the success of our digital content.

Our mission

BILIM LAND is an innovative company forming e-learning market in Kazakhstan. We develop, localize and distribute educational content and related technologies and services. Our clients include government organizations, major IT companies, media structures and leading educational institutions of the country. But most of all we cherish the trust of teachers, students and their parents, because our work is dedicated to them.

Our philosophy

Education is a complex and ongoing process, which includes a large number of different levels, types of activities and standards. It is also high level of individual capacity that requires unique approach in terms of comprehension, appropriate challenge, and evaluation. Rapid development of technology has further complicated the process of education. There are many new concepts, trends, tools and technological phenomena, which are not easy to understand even for professionals. But we sincerely believe that these technologies are creating new opportunities through which education can be better and more affordable.