Interactive Course

Year 6

001. 20, 30, 40…
002. How many cakes have we got?
003. Bingo!
004. I've got 37 CDs.
005. Where are the sheep?
006. Can I give the horse an apple?
007. What can I give the cows?
010. I went to Old Farm.
009. 22, 33, 44…?
008. What a nice farm!
011. I sent you a text.
012. Where did you go last weekend?
013. Who did you go with?
014. I made a mistake.
015. Was it a sunny day?
016. What was the weather like?
017. It was raining in New York.
020. What was America like?
018. Was it sunny in the west?
021. Who are they?
019. It was a rainy day.
022. She's my dad's older sister.
023. What's your aunt like?
024. He's my mum's younger brother.
025. Now he looks like a pirate!
026. What does she look like?
027. She's got curly black hair.
028. This woman is tall and thin.
029. His beard is long and black.
030. This is my aunt.
031. What's your father's job?
032. Where does she work?
035. A clown has to wear funny trousers.
036. I don't have to go to school today. I'm a robot.
033. What does the farmer have to do?
034. She works in a hospital.
037. She doesn't have to work outside.
038. I like my job.
039. Do you have to go to school?
040. I don't have to work this evening.
041. It's got four legs and it hops.
042. I think it's a mouse because it's got big ears.
043. She brings them food when they're hungry.
044. The panda eats a lot of leaves.
045. Sometimes there are spiders on the ground.
046. This is what the lion eats.
047. That's the forest where the parrot lives.
048. First I went to the rainforest.
049. First I saw a lion.
050. It's the biggest tiger in the world.
051. How does he go to work?
052. It's quicker by car.
053. The train is more difficult than the bus.
054. Which are better? Planes or trains?
056. Sailing's more exciting than walking.
055. I like walking to school.
057. My car is better than your dad's car.
058. You can see the city by bus.
059. Do you like driving?
061. What shall we buy her?
062. What do you want to do?
063. I want to buy my mum a present.
064. What do you need for school?
065. What do we need to buy?
066. We went to the supermarket to buy some food.
067. I bought some chocolate, eggs and sugar to make a cake.
068. Here's the birthday card for Lucy.
069. I went to the market to buy a banana.
070. It's very easy to make.
071. What's your address?
072. This is the DVD which my friend gave me.
073. This is the girl who cleaned houses.
074. Many kings and queens lived here.
075. Where's the library?
076. There's a clock on the wall.
077. Which is your favourite thing?
078. Lucy's favourite things
079. Am I in the garden?
080. What's your bedroom like?
081. Happy camping!
082. We want you to tell us a story.
083. When the bear was hungry, he went to find food.
084. It's your turn to tell us a story.
085. It's flying over the river.
086. So what happened next?
087. After that, the cat came into the room every night.
088. How the giraffe got a long neck.
089. In the dark, dark forest
090. Then I saw a big old house.
091. Welcome to 'One World'!
092. I could swim when I was five.
093. I couldn't climb the mountain.
094. I couldn't sleep because I had a headache.
095. What's your pet like?
096. What do you have to do?
097. I had to give the penguins some fish.
098. Let's make a bird bath.
099. It's the best world.
100. What shall we do for our next show?
Test A
Test B
Test C
Test D
Test E
Test F
060. London's better than New York.
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